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What we do...
When a new building is designed in detail we have to ensure that it has a Carbon footprint below a target set out by the Government. This footprint is set to reduce step by step up to 2016 when it is proposed that all new buildings will be ‘carbon neutral’. Additional legislation is likely to be introduced to improve existing buildings whenever building work is carried out on them.

So, for Architects it is becoming correspondingly more important to understand just how to do this. This includes knowing the amount and type of insulation to specify, but also the range of renewable energy technologies that are available, and other possibilities like heat recovery, passive ventilation, etc. We have researched these areas in order to give the best advice we can to clients, particularly regarding the cost-effectiveness of particular technologies as well as their limitations.

We are qualified Thermal Assessors – we can carry out the thermal analysis required under Building Regulations ourselves, or if this work is given to a specialist Thermal Assessor, we can have an informed discussion with them about achieving the required thermal target, as we understand the various options very well.